Bingle Studios is a collection of content exploring the urban landscape based on the believe that:

  • People perform best when they are part of a community that sparks joy and commitment to shared vision and values
  • Urban environments are the outward expression of communities’ joy and commitment to their vision and values
  • We can build stronger communities by exploring and learning from urban environments and the communities that inhabit these landscapes

The urban environment is any place that has been shaped to meet the needs of a community. This could be a square in a major city or a bench on top of a mountain.

Bingle Studios is based in the Pacific Northwest and focuses on urban environments in the Cascadia Bioregion on the Pacific Coast of North America. This includes:

  • British Columbia
  • Washington
  • Oregon

Each week we post a new drawing of an urban environment. Full size TIFF files of these images can be downloaded from Gumroad. We also publish a monthly post on a walk in an urban environment.