Seattle’s Georgetown Neighborhood

Sketch of Georgetown in Seattle, Washington

Georgetown sits in the middle of Seattle’s industrial area. Today the area is know for its arts, breweries and history. The neighborhood is also full of beautiful buildings from the early 20th century.


Many Seattle breweries started in Georgetown. The neighborhood is also known for its arts scene and historic sites. Some important locations include:

  • Elysian Brewing
    • The most well known brewery in Georgetown.
  • Fantagraphics Books
    • The bookstore for Seattle’s indie comic book publisher.
  • All City Coffee
    • A fun spot to warm up at.
  • Telephone Museum
    • See telephones from throughout history and how they work.
  • Hat and Boots
    • A large pair of cowboy boots and a hat that were part of a hotel on highway 99 in Georgetown. They were moved to Oxbow Park when the hotel was removed.


Georgetown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seattle. The first European town in the Georgetown area was founded in 1851. The Europeans decided to move to what is now downtown Seattle in 1852 though. Georgetown became a part of Seattle in 1910.

The area became an important hub for industry and trade. Georgetown is close to the Duwamish River. This made it easy to move lumber from the area around Georgetown to Seattle.

There were also farms in the Duwamish valley around Georgetown. The farms sent their produce through Georgetown to Seattle. The boats were replaced with trains in the 1870s.

The area’s beer brewing industry developed because hops were grown in the local farms. The area also had a large German population. Georgetown eventually became one of the largest beer producing areas in the world.


Georgetown has kept most of its buildings from when it was built up in the early 20th century. The business areas mostly have industrial buildings built of brick. This gives the neighborhood a rough look while also feeling welcoming.

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