Woodland Park Rose Garden

The Woodland Park Rose Garden is a beautiful retreat from Seattle. The 2.5-acre garden has 200 different sorts of roses and uses organic gardening processes. It is also near the Woodland Park Zoo and Green Lake.


The Woodland Park Rose Garden is one of many sights in the Woodland Park. This makes Woodland Park a good area to spend a day in. Other things to see in and around Woodland Park are:


The city purchased the land for Woodland Park in 1899. They hired John Charles Olmsted to design the park in 1908. His design used existing buildings and sights created by the developer Guy Phinney in the late 1800s.

One of Olmsted’s suggestions was the creation of a rose garden. Approval was given to design the garden in 1922. The Woodland Park Rose Garden opened in 1924.

The Woodland Park Rose Garden was famous enough that it became an All-American Rose Selection test site in 1947. It lost this title in 2010 but still show cases organic gardening processes.


The Woodland Park Rose Garden uses a French Formal Garden design. This design type developed in the 1600s. It uses geometry to lay out the garden.

The French nobility liked formal gardens because of the importance they put on order. The most famous example of a French Formal Garden are the gardens at Versailles.

The Woodland Park Rose Garden uses geometric forms to lay out the rose beds. It also uses pruned hedges throughout the garden. These are important features of French Formal Gardens.

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