The Nest at the University of British Columbia

The Nest at UBC is the new student union building on the University of British Columbia (UBC) grounds. Its primary space is the atrium on its west side. This is the subject of this week’s sketch. Restaurants and offices ring the atrium.

Activities near The Nest

The Nest is in the middle of the UBC grounds. This makes it a good place to start a walk on the UBC grounds from. Notable sights at UBC include:

  • Museum of Anthropology
    • The Museum of Anthropology collection is focused on the First Nations peoples of British Columbia. It also contains artifacts from other parts of the world.
  • Beatty Biodiversity Museum
    • The Beatty Biodiversity Museum contains UBC’s biological samples. This ranges from fossils to animals in formaldehyde.
  • Nitobe Memorial Garden
    • The Notibe Memorial Gardner is a Japanese garden on the UBC grounds. It is a peaceful place to rest when walking on the UBC grounds.
  • UBC Botanical Garden
    • The UBC Botanical garden is a living plant collection. It has plants from many parts of the world that can live in the Pacific Northwest.

History of The Nest

The new Student Union Building on the University of British Columbia grounds opened in 2015. It was built to give more room for student events. The old student union building did not have enough room for the current students.

Style of The Nest

The Nest uses a neomodern design. This is seen in the plain concrete columns holding up the structure. They grow on the line-based forms of modernism in a way only possible with contemporary building methods.

Neomodernism is a continuation of modernism. It developed in the late 1990s in response to Post-Modernism. Neomodern designs are popular in current public and corporate buildings.

These designs use the simple lines and limited decoration of modernism. They also use new materials and technologies like computer drafting though. The result is what some people call the Apple Store look.

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