Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse looks over the mouth of the Yaquina River. It provides a fun weekend get away with history and a surrounding park. The town of Newport on Yaquina Bay also provides a number of fun activities and sights.

Activities in Newport, Oregon

A number of outdoor opportunities, natural sights and cultural activities are near to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse:

  • Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site
    • The lighthouse is part of this recreation site. Activities include hiking, fishing and picnicking.
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium
    • This aquarium shows the unique animals that are native to the Oregon coast. Some favorites include Otters and a Giant Octopus.
  • Rogue Brewery
    • Brewery and pub for Newport’s local Rogue Brewing. Brewery tours are usually available but have stopped for COVID.
  • Yaquina Bay South Jetty
    • Take it easy on the beach from this jetty at the Newport harbor mouth. The miles of beach are also a good place to walk.

History of Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Yaquina Bay and river is named for the Yaquina peoples that lived in the area before European colonization. The first Europeans arrived in 1856. The size of Yaquina Bay made Newport the busiest harbor on the Oregon coast.

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse opened in 1871 and stopped operations in 1874. A larger light house was built 3 miles north. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse was used for housing for government workers after 1874.

The state of Oregon bought the land around the lighthouse in 1934 to create a park. The lighthouse was scheduled to be demolished in the 1960s, but it was saved. Today it is preserved as a historical landmark.

Design of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Lighthouses are a type of marine architecture. Marine architecture is used for structures on coastlines. Other types of marine architecture include houseboats, piers and jetties. Marine architecture is also a type of industrial architecture.

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in Oregon that makes the light part of the main house. Most lighthouse keep their light in a separate tower.

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