Kerr Admin Building, Oregon State University

The Kerr Admin Building is a modernist building in the middle of the Oregon State University (OSU) grounds. The building’s public space, parking and main location make it the perfect place to begin exploring the OSU grounds.


The Oregon State University grounds include several interesting buildings and sights, including:

  • Memorial Union
    • The Memorial Union is the historical heart of the OSU grounds. Its grand main hall is a perfect place to socialize. The coffee shop and cafeteria in the building provide plenty of food and drink too.
  • Reser Stadium
    • Reser Stadium is the home of OSU’s football team, the Beavers. The football statue outside the main gate is a common place to meet people. You can also see many of OSU’s NCAA teams training on the nearby fields.
  • Beaver Store
    • Be sure to get your Beaver memorabilia at the Beaver Store after visiting Reser Stadium. The Beaver store also has a variety of home goods and snacks available.


The Kerr Admin Building first opened as the Administrative Services Building in 1972. It has been the main administrative building on campus since with the President’s office on the 6th floor. Before this the President’s office and administration was in many locations, including an old army barracks.

The building was renamed to the Kerr Admin Building in 1996. The name is from Jasper Kerr who was the 6th president of OSU. He is best known for expanding the university grounds and many construction projects.


The Kerr Admin Building uses a modernist architecture style. This can be seen in its use of clean lines and symmetry. Modernism developed in the late 19th and early 20th century as a reaction to traditional culture.

Modernism was also interest in technology and modular construction. This is present in the Kerr Admin building as it was built using a lift slab technique. Each floor was poured on the ground and lifted into place. Two extra slabs were put on top for future expansion.

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