Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR

watercolor sketch

Autzen Stadium sits on the grounds of Alton Baker Parker. This makes it a good place to start a walk in the park. Alton Baker also makes going to Ducks games fun.

Activities Near Autzen Stadium

Alton Baker Park houses many attractions besides Autzen Stadium. These include:

  • Cuthbert Amphitheater
    • Hosts local and national musicians in an outdoor amphitheater. Also has food booths and a beer garden.
  • Eugene Science Center
    • Has exhibits and classes on science and technology. Also has a planetarium.
  • Disc Golf Course
    • Enjoy a round of disc golf on an 18-hole course through the park.
  • Pre’s Trail
    • The University of Oregon has one of the top track and field programs in the United States of America. This soft surface running trail was designed by Prefontaine, one of the program’s legends
  • McMenamins North Bank
    • Enjoy a cold drink and burger with a view of the Willamette River. Take the bike path to the other side of the bridge on Alton Baker’s north edge.

History of Autzen Stadium

Autzen Stadium was completed in 1967. It replaced Hayward Field as the place where University of Oregon football was played. The stadium was named for lumberman Thomas Autzen.

Autzen Stadium has grown since then in both seating and facilities. Today the stadium can seat 54,000 people. The stadium is famous for being very loud from its sunken design.

Design of Autzen Stadium

Autzen Stadium is special as it uses several design methods:

  • The original bleachers use an industrial design. They are practical with concrete seating held up by a steel support structure.
  • The sunken playing field also makes use of landscape architecture as part of the design. This gives the stadium its famous noise levels and a unique approach.
  • A 2002 change gave the stadium a neomodern facade seen in the sketch. This new facade used clean lines and repeating geometric shapes to give the stadium a friendlier face.
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