The Sketchy Traveler is a flaneur who collects drawings and stories to witness landscapes. For the Sketchy Traveler a landscape is a place where humans have intervened. The intervention can range from a cairn on a mountain to the heart of a city.

Currently, the Sketchy Traveler posts a new sketch and story once a month. Each post covers:

  • The sights near to the subject of the drawing
  • The history of the landscape in the drawing
  • The design style of the drawing’s subject

The Sketchy Traveler is based in the Pacific Northwest and focuses on urban landscapes in:


Using the Sketchy Traveler’s Images

Digital copies of the Sketchy Traveler’s images can be bought at Gumroad. Links to specific images are included with each story.

The Sketchy Traveler’s images can be used for personal or for-profit use. Please put the image name and a link back to this site with the image when using. The contact form is available if you have questions about using the Sketchy Traveler’s images in your work.