COVID-19 Walking View: Oregon State Capitol Building

Painted this view of the Oregon State Capitol Building on a cloudy day. The weather this summer has been cooler than normal. This has caused summer to look like fall.

The Oregon State Capitol Building is made in an art deco style. Most state capitols copy the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC. The Oregon State Capitol Building was completed in 1938 though and shows the design customs of the time.

COVID-19 Walking Views: Tykeson Hall

Tykeson Hall opened on the University of Oregon campus for the Fall 2019 term. I painted this view of the hall shortly shortly after it opened. Last week, I walked on the University of Oregon grounds and thought of this image.

The hall houses academic and career advising, the Division of Equity and Inclusion and the College of Liberal Arts. It shut down in March for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Walking Views: Monroe Avenue

Monroe Avenue is on the north side of Oregon State University. It offers a great view of the Corvallis City Hall in the distance. Monroe Avenue also hosts many businesses, which are slowly reopening.

Monroe Avenue is a nice place to walk with the university closed for COVID-19. You can also walk on the university grounds next to the street too.

COVID-19 Walking Views: OSU Pharmacy Building

While the university is shut down it makes for a nice place to walk. Here we see the Pharmacy Building across the Valley Library quad.

The Pharmacy Building was completed in 1924. It has been the home of the College of Pharmacy ever since. The College of Pharmacy works with the Oregon Health and Science University and other partners to advance medical knowledge.

COVID-19 Walking Views: Minto Island Bridge

Minto Island Bridge from Minto Brown Park

It is strange to only walk in the area near to home. The same path walked every day wastes the attention and is as bad as no walk.

A short journey to a near by open park can give some welcome change of sights. This week’s image is from a short journey to Salem, Oregon for some change. The bridge is the Minto Island Bridge from Minto-Brown Park to downtown Salem.

COVID-19 Walking Views: Trees on the Mill Race

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Sketch Description

As we continue to shelter in place it is important to also take some time to get outside. This week’s sketch is off some trees along the Mill Race in Corvallis that provide a pleasant escape from my apartment when I am out walking.

Stay Safe, Stay Well.

COVID-19 Remote Work Office

Download a full size TIFF file of this image on Gumroad. There is a suggested donation of $5+ to help cover the cost of this website.

Sketch Description

Urban spaces are formed by the density of private space. So this week I wanted to celebrate private urban spaces with this view of my remote work station. For those of us lucky enough to still have a job that we can do remotely we find ourselves with the unique challenge of exploring a more intimate urban space.

Stay home, stay safe and take care of each other.